We all need to reach out to others for support when life becomes overwhelming and when we are prevented from living the quality of life that we want.  I am considered an integrative therapist; though I draw from Cognitive Behavioral Theory (CBT), LifeSpan Integration, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), I do not currently prefer a specific counseling theory. I feel that each patient is unique and therefore may respond best to a variety of styles. I believe in this journey as a collaborative approach and will work with you to find what we feel is the best fit for you. I plan on supporting you down your path of self-authorship where you will work to trust yourself, reflect to learn from experiences, learn coping skills to manage your current stressors, and become the author of your own life.


I currently work with individuals (13+) for a wide range of concerns. My specialties include depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, domestic violence, PTSD, and trauma, though I have extensive experience working with a variety of additional issues.  Additionally I specialize in working with college students; before becoming a therapist I worked with college students in a crisis response role for over 7 years and I feel it is important for there to be an affordable and local support system outside of the higher education world.